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Garna Raditya is an Indonesian musician, videographer, and visual artist based in Oakland, California. His work presents dark surrealist and liminal themes with an odd and off-beat decorative character. As a guitarist and songwriter he has independently produced a wide variety of albums of electronic, hip-hop, jazz, grindcore, and experimental music. Garna began his visual and video arts career through music by designing and painting gig posters, album artwork, and videos to accompany his music projects. 


With a background in print and photo journalism, he also produces short video documentaries under the moniker AmongOthers with his partner, Dr Megan Hewitt. Their videos feature local arts and small creative business profiles. 


Garna now works as a music producer, videographer and photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He regularly collaborates on new music, video, and visual arts projects with local and international artists. 

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